CLOSING KEYNOTE Twenty-First Century Opportunities: Why We Can Be Optimistic About the Future

James Plunkett, Executive Director of Advice & Advocacy, Citizens Advice Bureau

As social problems continue to mount and governments struggle to cope, it's easy to feel pessimistic about the future. But in this closing keynote, James Plunkett will argue that we can be optimistic about the future - even in the sometimes grim territory of politics. James has worked for over a decade in public policy, from 10 Downing Street to leading NGOs and think tanks. In his book, End State, he charts how society has navigated periods of profound technological change in the past and come through richer, fairer, and happier. As society once again faces a technological revolution and its messy fallout, James explores how we can pull off the same trick again and emerge from today's difficult social predicament into a new golden age.

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