Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are sixty minute interactive sessions. These sessions provide a rounded perspective on a topic. Sessions include multiple presenters from a single organisation, across multiple organisations or panel sessions specifically where the end users of tests and assessments are involved.

Check out two of our breakout sessions below:


Using AI and Big Data to Assess Applicants from University

Students graduating from University and applying to the workforce are much more than a number to be ranked against others. In spite of this, many applicants are evaluated, on first pass, with a series of numbers including GPA, class rank and test scores. As the world continues to flatten and individuals submit applications from schools as varied as Harvard and Oxford to Utrecht and Tsinghua University, it is hard to see that even similar categories of numbers can provide the insights truly desired by employers. While class rank and GPA allow for comparison within an applicant pool and test scores provide a measure of that student at a moment in time against students from their universities, employers continue struggle to adequately assess applicants.

There is a better way. Using existing, ongoing formative assessment already happening in Universities around the globe, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are combined to provide hiring managers insight to cross university comparisons, individually aggregated longitudinal data and individual student performance. We will explore the opportunities provided by the AI for a deeper understanding of candidates from portfolios of written work and the value of the big data in aggregating tens of thousands of students' data from hundreds of universities.

Speakers: Paul Edelblut, Vantage Labs and David Behrns, Cengage


Technology Enhanced Assessment – Applications and Opportunities in Advancing Human Capital

Assessment technology has been advancing rapidly and new emerging technologies are on the horizon. This session brings together a panel of experts in technology-enhanced assessment to lead an engaging and interactive discussion that highlights issues, challenges, and solutions in the application of technology in the design and delivery of assessments. The panel will draw from their diverse backgrounds and experiences in Human Capital Management and credentialing assessment to provide insight into current and emerging technology applications and trends. They will also discuss the interplay between technology, innovative items types, simulations, secure delivery, and forensics to ensure the integrity of exam processes.

The panelists will answer questions, such as:

  • What is the state of the art in technology-enhanced assessment?
  • How has the use of technology improved the quality of assessment?
  • Are simulations cost-effective? What are the considerations?
  • How can technology be used to ensure secure delivery?
  • What are the challenges in using technology enhanced assessment for design? For delivery?
  • What are the emerging technologies that will change the future of assessment?

The session will include a brief introduction and overview, followed by the panel discussing the questions above with invited audience interaction to incorporate the perspectives from the European testing community.

Speakers: John Weiner, PSI; Liberty Munson, Microsoft; and Robert McHenry, Independent


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27 - 29 September 2017 Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Noordwijk, the Netherlands
27 - 29 September 2017
Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
Noordwijk, The Netherlands